What Every FELON Must Know About Finding A JOB

A Convicted Felons Blueprint to Employment Success.

• Do you want a job but keep getting turned down because you have a criminal record?
• Are you tired of working for minimum wage but your background as a convicted felon hinders your only options?
• Are you more qualified than the person that got the job but you didn’t know how to explain what was on your criminal record?
• Do you need help answering that dreadful question on your job application that asks “Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a felony?”

What if within the next 30 days from now you could have a job? I’m not talking about any old job but the job that you’ve always imagined.

I know that you have imagined it. A good job that you absolutely love. The job that pays well above minimum wage and you’re able to take care of yourself & your family. I know you’ve imagined the type of job that has a retirement plan and company paid benefits. The job that will give you financial security and peace of mind. Well, you no longer have to imagine it. What if I told you that  not to mention that fat paycheck & bonus to match.

Inside of What Every FELON Must Know About Finding A JOB you will discover:

  • How a Convicted Felon has to Prepare for the job search.
  • How to use the internet & the power of email to get the job that you want.
  • How to Create a winning resume that will make you the #1 contender
  • How to Craft a cover letter that will ensure a call back from a potential employer.
  • How to Review the job application with “new” eyes.
  • How a Fill out the application & not worry about your status “Convicted Felon.
  • How to Interview like a Boss.
  • And so much more…

As A Bonus Here’s What You will gain “Private” Access to our Facebook Group for Accountability, Support & Guidance

You will get the specific dynamics of having employment success with a criminal record. You will learn exactly what it takes to get the job that you want no matter what’s on your criminal record. The specific techniques that are outlined in this powerful book have been tested & tried over and over again. The results will leave you amazed if you follow the exact steps that are Shabraska gives in this book. This book is sure to change your Life, Family, & definitely your FINANCES!