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  • Are you ready for the greatest transitional shift that you’ve ever witnessed?
  • Are you looking for a speaker that will be able to touch the hearts of her listeners, provoke change, & catapult them into the next realm of their greatness?
  • Are you ready for such a thing?

Shabraska Ponder is an Author, Speaker, and New Life Architect. She is also the  Founder of SEPCorp International, a personal development firm where she help women who have experienced extreme hardships & who are both economically & socially disadvantaged to Engineer a New Lifestyle by giving them tips, tools, strategies as well as teaching them how to Re-invent themselves so that they are Marketable, Functional, Productive, & Contributing members of their communities which will allow them to see their full potential, increase their confidence, gain employment, create businesses & LIVE their absolute best lives without shame or regret, NO MATTER WHAT!

Shabraska is an overwhelmingly  Powerful, Inspirational, and Motivational! Shabraska is known for her extraordinary ability to go into the trenches and crevices of what is known as the “the hood, the ghettos, and the projects” to grab hold of, reach down, and pull out women who have experienced extreme circumstances and who are economically & socially disadvantaged. She has an amazing gift of showing struggling women how to turn the lemons of their lives into chocolate cake and leaving the world wondering; what the heck happened here?

With over 15yrs of hands-on ministry experience, 19 years of corporate customer service experience, and a lifetime of building relationships with economically & socially disadvantaged women & children she is able to relate to them on their level & speak to them in their language which will instantaneously build the necessary rapport as well as comfort that is needed to bring forth a lifetime of change in the lives that she comes into contact with.

Shabraska E. Ponder is well equipped to empower, inspire, and deliver the necessary tools, strategies, and techniques that will put your audience in position and catapult them into the next realm of their greatness. Her transparency, authenticity, witty sense of humor allows her to capture the attention of her audience and create an instant connection that will be so life changing and unforgettable that you will crave for more.


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