Shabraska E. Ponder

Hey TShabraska Ponderhere, Survivor!

My name is Shabraska E. Ponder. 

I am America’s #1 New Life Architect! My primary focus is “Helping You Engineer A New Lifestyle!”

I do this by giving you tips, tools,& strategies, as well as sharing my knowledge and experiences through eBooks & teaching classes on how you can Re-invent yourself so that you are marketable, functional, productive, and a contributing member of your community; which will allow you to see your full potential, increase your confidence, gain employment, create businesses and live your absolute best life yet without shame or regret, NO MATTER WHAT!

I am also the  Founder of SEPCorp International, a personal development firm where our ultimate goal is to Unlock Minds, Manifest Dreams, and Change Hearts through Ministry, Education, & Discipline so that Destinies are Fulfilled and HIS (God’s) call is Recognized”.