Believe GOD! No Matter What!

Believe GOD, No Matter What!

by Shabraska E. Ponder

Hey there!!!

Yes, I am just that excited.

I am so excited about what’s to come as we journey together. I am really looking forward to sharing my life with you as well as  “Helping You to Engineer a New Lifestyle!”

Shabraska Ponder Just like you, I’ve gone through situations that seem as though my back is against the wall. Sometimes it  feels as though I would lose what little mind that I have left.

I know that sometimes life can leave us drained and the situations that we experience will make one believe that our current reality is all that life has in store for us but baby I will tell this,  you that I am a living witness to the Power of The Word, His Favor, and His Strength.

Listen, my friend,  life hasn’t been peaches & cream for me. There have been times where the only thing that kept me together was ‘The Word’ that God spoke to me concerning my life therefore

If I can teach you one valuable lesson today it would be this: when GOD has given you a word hold on to it  & don’t let go, NO MATTER WHAT! I don’t care what it looks like, who said or did what, or what has happened; don’t you dare let go of The Word that HE gave to you!

Listen, God is a keeper of His word.  If HE put HIS mouth on it (whatever it is) it MUST come to pass.

  • THE WORD SAYS in Matthew 24:35 that “Heaven & earth shall pass away but HIS Word shall not pass away” which means that if everything blows up, fall apart, or every other work can be laid aside His Word will not falter! 


  • THE WORD SAYS in Psalm 138:2 “that He put His name above everything and His Word above His Name”! WOW!!! Did you hear that? That’s powerful because we already KNOW how much Power is in the name of Jesus! Now you mean to tell me that His WORD is above the name that every knee will bow too!!! #Boom #Explosive


  • THE WORD SAYS in John 1:1 that “InShabraska Ponder2 the beginning was The Word, and The Word was with God, and The Word was God”. God, Jesus & The Word are ONE and can’t  be separated! Therefore, when HE (The Word) speaks and because it is Him (Jesus/God) which is His Name (Power) then whatsoever He says MUST bow and cooperate FULLY No Matter What!  

So it does not matter what the situation is or who believes that they have the last word His Word WILL ALWAYS Come to pass and WHATEVER is contrary to what He says MUST bow!!!

(Let them that have an ear, Hear)! #Selah

What I am trying to make clear to you is that if HE said it; HE has to back it! POINT- BLANK- PERIOD! No Matter What! 


   GOD is a Keeper of HIS Word


My friend HE is a keeper of HIS word concerning you. You don’t have to force it, do cartwheels for it,  or jump through 10, 000 hoops to get it!  NOW, you can take that to the bank baby because that check is beyond good!

When you know that He is a keeper of His word it is easier to go through life’s pitfalls in the right mind & spirit because you will know that it (whatever it is) will all work out for your good according to His will. Whatever your “it” is has been handcrafted as a part of your  process. There is absolutely nothing that can happen that will STOP Him from fulfilling the promises that He spoke over your life. 

  • Jail-NO
  • Finances- NO
  • Divorce- NO
  • Unmarried- NO
  • Jobless-NO
  • Whatever Bad Thing That You Thought Would – The answer is STILL NO!


I am just compelled to believe that when you know for a fact through faith that HE is a keeper of HIS Word there is NOTHING that can stop what HE says is going to happen!

Holding on to The Word that HE has given you will give you the strength to LIVE and fight another day!

So dry your eyes, hold your head up, be encouraged and keep going because the world is waiting on


Shabraska Ponder2  About Shabraska E. Ponder

Shabraska Ponder is a published author and the leading voice & authority in services that cater to convicted felons and people with criminal arrest records, as well as those who are both socially and economically disadvantaged.

She is also the  Founder of SEPCorp International, a personal development firm where she help people who have experienced extreme hardships & who are both economically & socially disadvantaged to Take Back Their Lives & LIVE by giving them tips, tools, strategies as well as teaching them how to Re-brand themselves so that they are Marketable, Functional, Productive, & Contributing members of their communities which will allow them to see their full potential, increase their confidence, gain employment, create businesses, & LIVE their absolute best lives without shame or regret, NO MATTER WHAT!